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Interlude〜 Meanwhile, The Gods are ③〜

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

The God said so and continued watching the video.


Yukine intercepted the ice lances using red lightning, hooking the scythe into Greisha’s neck from behind, a check.


Then, using Greisha’s ice coffin, together with Yukine, locked up in the block of ice.


Thinking that, ice block of ice smashed up with a *prang*.


「Tear-sama, is this the same as what Tear-sama said, the magic misidentify the caster due to Yukine already got the genetic information?」


「I guess so.

Originally, both of them will be inside the ice coffin if Greisha herself didn’t lift the magic.

Both of them are immortal.

But, because the magic misidentify Yukine as Greisha herself, resulting her to be able to lift the magic.

Right now, Yukine is Greisha herself」


「Anoー, Tear-sama.

Please don’t look at Yukine only, please look at Greisha-sama as well.」


Saying so, Riru pointed her finger at the image of Greisha.


「Greisha-sama is depressed……

It feels like her mind is broken, it’s too intense! Eh, isn’t that dangerous!?」


「Eeh!? Ohーー, my, GODーーー!!」


「Oh my God!! is wrong you know!? Tear-sama is the God herself you know! What will you do with this! Do something as follow-up!!」


God is at a loss.

The little angel did her head a full rotation. (TL: Nani?)


In the video, the ice spirit Greisha were surrounded by the fenrir, slightly sitting while crying 「Aoo, aoo」.

Greisha was crying ‘*uuh *kusu *uuh’ too. (TL: I honestly don’t know how she cried, for the raw, it’s written ‘ooioioi’ makes no sense to me)


God stopped the image, removing the plate.



「Now, shall we resume our work?

Time will heal Greisha’s sorrow.」


「Tear-sama, you’re the lowest.

Please think some follow-up properly!!」


Riru spread her angel’s wing, hitting God’s head with her wings.


「It hurts! It hurts, Riru! Riru has superhuman strength so, please stop!? It’s, my bad.

I’ll think it, think it properly! That’s why, will you stop hitting my head with that superhuman strength!?」


After that, God took Riru’s advice, giving the ice spirit Greisha a legendary weapon.


The God was impressed by spirit to fought the monster bravely, protecting her subordinates by sacrificing her life.

That said, God will give her a new power so she won’t lose to the demon next time.


With such a name.


The ice spirit Greisha, who had received the legendary weapon from the heaven, thanked God for it and training hard everyday together with all the fenrir.

Until the day when she met Yukine again……


< Explanation corner>


The legendary weapon given to the familiar ice spirit Greisha, the Cool beauty (or bad beauty) was wave-shaped sword with an ice attribute.

The sword can become a whip, attacking from afar like a Roman whip.

Isn’t THAT cool, right!


The wave-shaped sword in this story,


① The cut area’s body temperature were taken and froze.


② When you hit the ground or a wall, from that place, a thick sharp thing like a cone will appeared, following the opponent with 5 consecutive shots.


③ In whip mode, when the whip wrapped around the opponent, countless ice needles will appeared, stabbing the opponent.


And so on.

But, in the continuation of the story, the weapon setup might be changed……


By the way, when Yukine do a rematch with the cool beauty, I’ll think Yukine could add the special characteristic of the serpent sword, making part of the grip into a whip.

The, it will looks like a scythe with a chain.

The short distance scythe, will be able to do a ranged attack by adding the chain right? But one day, I want to write the battle of revenge with the cool beauty, but for now the story will continue.