Home Vampire Yukine Toward the village 001 〜Mofumofu become a friend〜

Toward the village 001 〜Mofumofu become a friend〜

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

Wait for me, mofumofu


I fly toward fenrir’s direction.

After a long flight, fenrir was sitting near the forest’s exit.


Found you! Eii♪


I put my luggage down, hugging the fluffy thing.


Are you glad getting out of your group?


While speaking, I pat fluffy things’ head.

The fluffy thing seems to be sad, groaning a Kuun〜」.


If you want to go back, I’ll go with you but, what do you want to do?


I pointed at the direction from where I came.


The fluffy thing got up and looks at the direction I pointed at, heading toward the opposite direction, took a few steps, and headed my way.


I see, you’re leaving your group then.

Then, want to travel with me? So, let’s venture here and there!




He sounded a bit happy.

I hugged the fluffy thing.


I’m counting on you♪ What should I call you?



Kuu? Then, let’s go with “Kuu” then!


I pointed at Kuu and said Kuu (TL: Honestly, I hoped for a better name.)

Then, I pointed at myself and said, Yu, ki, ne


I pointed at Kuu again and said, Kuu

Then, I pointed at myself and said, Yu, ki, ne


I tried.

Did he understand that? I flew away from Kuu alone.

Have advanced about 10 meters, I looked back.


Kuuuuuuuuu! I shouted.


Kuu looked this way and ran toward me.

I crouched and pat his head.


Kuu is smart~.

Speaking of which, you brought the dragon’s cane and magic bag to me without being asked.

What a good boy♪


I hugged Kuu.

So fluffy, it feels really good.

I caressed his back too.

So bushy, it feels really good.

Kuu seems enjoying being caressed.


Well then


I stood up.

The sky dyed in the sunset, it was red and beautiful.

We have arrived at the town before the sun set!


Kuu, let’s head to the town~



Ah, it would be bad if I don’t put the wings away.


Put the wings away, luggage are…..



I don’t have any luggage.

I just threw it away!


I take out the wings, flew to pick up the luggage, and flew back again to Kuu’s location.

I go down and put the wings away.


Come, it’s departure time for sure! Holding the scythe high in the sky, I thought.



Key, Kuu.

Going to the town bringing the scythe is a bad idea, right?


It growled a Kuun while looking downward.


Let’s put this inside the magic bag! But I don’t think this big thing will fit inside the bag.

What should I do? Moreover, when it comes to fighting, it’s kind of pain to take things out from the bag….

Ah, right♪


In the section of the menu screen of the content of the magic bag, I imagine transferring the scythe into the screen.


The scythe that I hold was gone.

I brought out the menu screen to confirm.

The content of the magic bag with item name Yukine’s Scythe was stated.

When I tried to touch it, the item’s explanation appeared.


Yukine’s Scythe

A scythe made from Yukine’s blood.

Its shape can infinitely be changed based on Yukine’s thought.

Just because you cut your enemy, an instant death effect won’t occur, by God.



I intended to make it like a shinigami’s scythe, but the instant death effect is unavailable.

As I thought, that God won’t let me live an easy life.


Well, even though I lost so much blood, but I still live without a problem, I should be thankful for the immortal body given by the God!


Is it possible to change its shape from a scythe to a sword? When there are another human, rather than scythe, let’s change it into a sword!


Later on,

I put my palm up in the sky.


Oh scythe!


I shouted.

A scythe appeared on my hand.

It will come out even if I don’t shout though.

Well, I just felt like it?



It’s a big success. aha♪




And Kuu was twirling around my feet.


Aah, sorry.


You have nothing to do, right?


I lightly pat Kuu’s head.

I put the scythe away and in exchange I got the dragon’s cane in my hand.


I’m going to human’s town, that’s why I need to act like a magician holding a wand.

Having nothing and still able to cast something without chanting, the villager will be suspicious.


Kuu replied with Gau♪

Ooh, it’s my first time hearing a sound other than “Kuu”!


Shall we go then?


1 person and 1 animal began to travel.